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New, big, and bold, summer drinks

Introducing the four health angels from Kyoto tea field. We are one of the few in Vancouver serve all four: Matcha (抹茶),  Hōjicha (ほうじ茶), Genmaicha (玄米茶), and Sencha (煎茶). Frappé, latte, hot and cold. Come enjoy natural energy booster and magical healing for your  body.


Introducing Kyoto tea field summer coolio family - Iced matcha latte (2% milk / soy milk). A delicious healthy drink without artificial flavor and added sugar. Enjoy it with or without sugar syrup. More natural caffeine than a cup of espresso. An energy boost for hard working minds. 

Real fruit virgin margarita family is a perfect drink for a hot day. Lightly sweeten with IQF fruits (individually quick frozen at pick). Trap all nutrients and seal in all natural sweetness and flavor.  Take a sip of these delightful lime juice base summer chill and eat the fruit serving your body desire.

We name this "Pool-side Pina" because it feels like sitting on a lounger by the pool under a hot sun. A lightly sweetened, perfect cocktail without the rum. Refreshing, fruity, and won't coat your tongue with a feeling of never go away sweetness. Enjoy the sweet & aromatic pineapple chunks after gulp down the rich pineapple and coconut liquid. 

New menu items avaliable now

An enhanced version of our famous Seoul pork burger. Korean crunchy burger will be your love-of-Gochujang. Same as Seoul pork burger with the addition of crunchy carrot noodles, seaweed, and special sauce. It will not be long before you get your 2nd. one.

Simple Bites Inc.'s tweak on Japanese soupless ramen. Ramen egg, cucumber, fresh lettuce, and Japanese chashu that make you say "Can I have another piece" CDN$8.50 including a secret house sauce.

Around-the-world Burgers

Aromatic, sweet, crispy outside, and soft inside. French brioche bun perfects our burgers creations. Never frozen beef patties on our old-time hamburgers and cheese-burgers are shining stars. Simple Bites Inc. makes gourmet burgers affordable.

Garden Veggie Quiche

For our vegetarian customers, how about this? Egg and load of garden vegetables. Great afternoon treat with a good cup of tea. $6.80 it is.

Top Sellers


S.E.C. Muffin Sandwich

It has now becoming our top sellers 2nd. place. A perfect marriage of sweet & juicy pork sausage, fluffy egg, and a crispy muffin.

Mini Tendon

Premium Japanese rice top with deep fried shrimp tempura, green onion, sesame, and fruity teriyaki sauce


16 pcs. of California rolls in 4 different styles. (Crunchy, Mango sauce, Chipotle mayo and Old-time)

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