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Okinawa Taco Rice

Made with AAA Canadian farm chuck eye roll,

fresh iceberg lettuce, cilantro, tomatoes, and shredded cheese.

Both regular and jumbo sizes available

Dinner Specials from CDN$9.99

Memphis Sweet Devil Baby Back Ribs on the Weekend.

Introductory Free Sweet Treats: In-house made Kyoto Ice Cream

Click link for details.

On average 2.7 millions cup of milk tea consumed in Hong Kong daily.

Ever wanted to try one?

We now serve Hong Kong style milk tea (both hot and cold). Our special blend of Assam, Ceylon, and Kenya tea leaves bring a smooth, sweet, and floral fragrance experience.

The most flavorful part of our chashu rolls are the two edges. Glazed perfectly by our delicious braising sauce. Super smoky and an intense flavors.

Since there is only two edges of each roll, these are limited quantity items. Pls. let us know one day ahead to reserve your bowl.

Comfort your soul

Customize-able steamy hot bowl of soup or ramen 

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