Old-time Hamburger

Introducing Around-the-world burger family – Old-time Hamburger from Simple Bites Inc.

Once again Simple Bites Inc. bringing another gourmet burger with affordable fast food price; to Around-the-world burger family. Wallet happy CDN$ 6.50.

Why do I call it old-time? My old-time is not everyone old-time. I named it old-time because I put everything I remember the very first burger I had. I cannot even remember where and when, but it was out-of-the-world.

When you hold the Simple Bites Inc. old-time hamburger in your hand, the aroma of the French brioche bun will open up your appetite. Follow the first bite, you will experience every ingredient are in very generous portions. Thick slices of tomato, pickles, and cheddar cheese. Lots of iceberg lettuce and rings of fresh and crispy sweet onion. Of course, the two stars of this classic old-time hamburger (my classic) are the toasted brioche bun and the juicy never frozen beef patty.

You’re looking at a burger match up with the top of the line burger from the big “M” fast food chain, which priced close to CDN$ 10. Give it a try, I hope it will become your classic old-time hamburger.