Simple Bites Inc. serves quality proteins

Want info. on  Simple Bites Inc. pulled-pork, pulled-chicken, and pulled-beef? Knowing what your foods are and where they came from is smart. The quality proteins (including pulled pork, pulled chicken, and pulled beef) we use across our menu are from high-quality producers. They are all traceable to the source. Having great flavors + low in sodium + allergen free, these quality proteins should easily fit into your everyday diet plan.

Having unique signature dishes are great, but that is not all we are after. We want all our menu items to stand out in terms of freshness and nutritional value. Some wonder how we can make our prices so affordable. What’s the catch or trade-off. In most cases, lower price implicates lower quality. That is not the case at Simple Bites Inc. Our philosophy is simple. More people can enjoy delicious food at lower prices. It also means faster food turn-over. That leads to fresh ingredients at all time.