Azuki Latte

Azuki Latte

2 countries 1 offspring – Japanese organic azuki bean + Canadian Milk

It is known for many Asian countries, azuki beans are load with nutrients. Especially great for beauty and skin. It is time to prepare for Spring and summer with beautiful skin. Come and experience perfect comfort drinks for only $4.50

The Making of Azuki Latte

Unlike the original recipe call for 1:1 ratio (azuki to sugar), we use much less sugar to achieve perfect sweetness.

Each batch, we smashed and blended the azuki with the azuki juice from cooking. leaving half of the tender azuki in whole bean form. Resulting in a wonderful mixture that is not muddy nor mushy.

Our unique 3 zones design

  • bottom zone with chip ice
  • middle zone with loads of azuki beans
  • top zone with wonderful BC 2% milk

Way to drink

We put the azuki beans right in the middle to act as a dripping filter. A thick layer of azuki will stop the milk from falling down to the bottom rapidly.

Delicious British Columbia milk drip through the azuki and bring the sweetness and flavor down to the cool ice. Drink from the bottom tasty cold azuki flavored world best Canadian milk. spoon up from the middle zone loaded with azuki beans soaked in BC milk. That would be my preferred way of enjoying different layers of the Azuki Latte.