Flaky Alaskan – classic UK Fish & Chips

Introducing “Flaky Alaskan” Available from March 30th. 2020

Golden and crispy battered coating with flaky and chunky delicious white meat Lightly seasoned and fried with Canadian produced canola oil.

Enjoy them the way you love! Malt vinegar, tartar sauce, or just a piece of refreshing lemon wedge.

Optional sides:

I. Tartar sauce – our unique in-house made Japanese style ramen egg tartar sauce

II. Salt & Vinegar – Classic UK malt vinegar (from Manchester, England) and sea salt

III. Coleslaw – House made coleslaw

IV. Crispy skin-on fries – 200 gram of perfect seasoned shoestring fries

V. Fish taco – corn tortilla, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, Jalapeno lime aioli

VI. Lemon wedges

Ocean-wise Pacific Code from the Gulf of Alaska. Supplied by premium local supplier (Albion Farms & Fisheries Ltd.)