Azuki Latte

Azuki Latte 2 countries 1 offspring – Japanese organic azuki bean + Canadian Milk It is known for many Asian countries, azuki beans are load with nutrients. Especially great for beauty and skin. It is time to prepare for Spring and summer with beautiful skin. Come and experience perfect comfort drinks for only $4.50 The …

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Expanding our Mexican dishes varieties

Simple Bites Inc. would like to invite you to try our newly created Mexican dishes. Made by all natural classic ingredients from scratch. Mexican carnitas (pulled pork)   Mexican carnitas mollete open-faced sandwich   Mexican Mollete – open-faced sandwich   Mexican carnitas taco

The essence of Simple Bites Inc.

Always wanted a video about Simple Bites Inc. After a single visit to our restaurant, a customer (gentleman) captured the essence of our restaurant. The video was uploaded in a very short time. I am truly thankful for his kindness. Thank you for making a fantastic video.

Medellin Street King

Taking two of the most popular street food sauces from Medellin City (Columbia) and put into Simple Bites Inc. newly created burger. The Medellin Street King has all the great tasting element. Fresh and crunchy iceberg lettuce, quarter lbs. never frozen beef patty, cheddar cheese, 2 strips of crispy bacon, mozzarella cheese, onion, butter & …

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Old-time Hamburger

Introducing Around-the-world burger family – Old-time Hamburger from Simple Bites Inc. Once again Simple Bites Inc. bringing another gourmet burger with affordable fast food price; to Around-the-world burger family. Wallet happy CDN$ 6.50. Why do I call it old-time? My old-time is not everyone old-time. I named it old-time because I put everything I remember …

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